LCS Meyer – LCSF Website Write-ups

LCS Meyer – LCSF Website Write-ups. The first write-up we have on hand on Dangerous Decibels. “The Dangerous Decibels®️ program is globally renowned for its evidence-based classroom program shown to be effective at changing knowledge, attitudes and behaviours related to the prevention of noise-induced hearing […]

LCS Clarke Quay – LCS 60th Anniversary Carnival Project

LCS 60th Anniversary Carnival Project. As Singapore celebrates its 200 years since its founding by Raffles, the Lions Clubs of Singapore celebrates its 60th Anniversary, at Singapore Expo Hall, from 16-17 February 2019. The event was honored by the President of The Republic of Singapore, […]

LCS Clarke Quay World Diabetes Day (WDD)

World Diabetes Day (WDD). The strategic objective for Diabetes as one of the 5 Global Causes of Lions Clubs International (LCI) is to reduce the prevalence of diabetes and improve the quality of life for those diagnosed. World Diabetes Day (WDD) is commemorated on 14 […]

LCS Galaxy Care Packs For Needy Students Service Projects

Care Packs for Needy Students. With the global COVID19 pandemic, LCS Galaxy made 150 Care packs with an aim to help the following needy students: 1. Under the Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS).This scheme by MOE is to help needy Singaporean families reduce their burden in […]

East Club Hot Meal Project and COVID Lunch

East Club Hot Meal Project. At the Ghim Moh Senior Activity Centre. We always have volunteers joining us. The project is carried out bi-monthly to connect with the old folks living in the GHIM MOH vicinity. Each time, 50 residents of all races are provided […]