East Club Hot Meal Project.

At the Ghim Moh Senior Activity Centre. We always have volunteers joining us.

The project is carried out bi-monthly to connect with the old folks living in the GHIM MOH vicinity.

Each time, 50 residents of all races are provided hot meals and we also organize a karaoke session and bingo, the prizes being beverages, biscuits, and other types of consumables. Sometimes, we organize talks and arts & crafts sessions. The meeting lasts about 1.5 -2 hours.  The cost to the club is about $400.00 each time.

Covid Lunch.

My club organized a COVID lunch in June to show our appreciation to the front- line workers in the BEDOK and BISHAN Home for the Elders.

About 240 set lunches were provided, costing the club $2700.00 . 

Venue: Ghim Moh Senior Activity Centre, Bedok and Bishan Home For The Elders.

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