Established on 25 October 2008 to provide financial assistance through awards / bursaries to deserving and needy students in institutions of learning

  • Singapore Lions Clubs’ Bursary – 2,000/student/year
    • Awarded to 23 full-time students from NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences from 2009 through 2011.

  • Singapore Lions Clubs’ Study Award – $2,000/student/year
    • Awarded to 15 students from the School of Social Sciences at SMU over 3 years from 2009 through 2011.

  • Bursary extended to primary and secondary students in 2010 and JC students in 2011.

The Singapore Lions Education Fund was established by the District on 25 October 2008 at a District Meeting for the purpose of establishing scholarships, bursaries or other schemes for financial assistance with institutions of learning in Singapore for the benefit of deserving recipients. The financial support would enable needy and deserving students to complete their education (at primary, secondary, post secondary and tertiary levels according to their ability) and to contribute to the less advantaged in our community.

On 20 January 2009, the Lions Community Service Foundation, with an initial contribution of S$75,000 raised by several Lions Clubs, discussed with the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Singapore Management University (SMU) to respectively set up the Singapore Lions Clubs’ Bursary and Singapore Lions Clubs’ Study Award. The aim of the awards is to support the academic achievement of needy and deserving social sciences students at the two universities. Social science was selected as the most appropriate course of study to the objective of the Lions Education Fund.

The Singapore Lions Clubs’ Bursary is valued at $2000 and will be awarded to 23 financially needy full-time students from NUS’ Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences over a three-year period. Recipients must demonstrate sound academic results and financial need. Applications for the bursary open in February each year.

The Singapore Lions Clubs’ Study Award, valued at $2000, will be awarded to 15 students from the School of Social Sciences at SMU over three years. Other than good academic results, recipients should demonstrate financial need and possess good co-curricular activities records or community involvement with proven leadership qualities. Besides funding the academic expenses of the recipient, the Award also serves as recognition for students who have achieved or made significant contributions, beyond academic studies, to the University or the community at large. Applications for the award open in April each year.

Applicants for both awards must be Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents. The awards will be given out in the next Academic Year 2009/2010. Recipients of the awards are encouraged to visit and participate in the services and activities being rendered by the Lions Home for the Elders and/or the Lions Befrienders Service.

Although known for their focus on support and services to the poor, lonely and sick elderly, the Lions Clubs in Singapore hope that by establishing the Bursary and Study Award scheme through the Lions Community Service Foundation, the scope of the Singapore Lions Clubs’ activities to youths in our community would be enhanced. Through the initial bursary awards, Singapore Lions Clubs seek to make an important contribution in meeting the academic needs of students in the two prestigious universities who require financial assistance. The Lions Community Service Foundation will work closely with NUS and SMU in the administration of the bursaries and study awards.

In 2010, bursaries were awarded to primary and secondary school students whose parents are recipients of social welfare assistance from various government programs. In 2011 the first bursaries were awarded to junior college students, Discussions are ongoing with polytechnics with a view to granting awards to needy and deserving students in studies appropriate to the objectives of the Education Fund.

The awards for tertiary education were established at an Agreement signing ceremony to mark the partnership between the two universities and Lions Community Service Foundation. International Director Hjh Ellis Suriyati was Guest of Honour, and together with 2008-2009 District Governor Bobby Eng, witnessed the signing.