Care Packs For The Foreign Workers During COVID Period.

For the Dormitories project we had sent out to 5 locations, 

1) CSC Loyang (400 workers)
2) 21B Senoko Loop (600 workers)
3) 31 Sungai Kadut Ave (500 workers)
4) Woodlands (800 workers)
5) Kranji (350 workers)

West supported the handmade soaps & the snacks packs.

For the Aroma room in LB Meiling center, West club only supported and sponsor for 14 bottles of Essential oils and 2 bottles of pain massage oils, which the claim for $604 from LCIF.

The rest of all the diffusers, the other essential oils, the rebottle and the essential holder all from me. (Which cost me more than $2000). 

All the Items already handled over to LB Meiling Center, the room in progress in setting up. 

I am providing LB Staffs training how to handle the essential oils and safety measure, in either Dec 2020 or Jan 2021. 

Currently, most of the LB staffs are clearing their leaves therefore we are not able to setup a training date. 

Number of people directly benefiting from this project:  2000 Project 

Objectives & goals: During this epidermic period there are a lot of foreign workers being affected. Due to their constrained and restriction in the dormitories by government regulation. 

We hope to show them some warm by Lions in Singapore, to show we do care about them and toward an appreciation.
Project’s plan and how objectives will be reached: During FY 2019-2020 DG Gareth was conducting a care packs for 2000 bags, LCS West BOD agreed to help contributing the plant-based anti-bacterial handmade soaps. Reason why doing plant-based soap, we are trying to reduce the impact of chemicals harming our Planet Earth, on only protecting human during COVID. All the plant essential oils are fully sponsored by Brenda, which cost around more than $1000. The amount requested are for the soap based and the wrapping cost. Additional 350 workers in one dormitory, the initially planned care pack run out, therefore after discussing with West Club, we decided to top up the amount for buying snacks for these 350 workers, as this is the last group of workers.  

Project Budget: $2153.55

Project timetable: The project was decided in Mid May 2020, our target was to complete by mid of Jun 2020. All care packs was delivered in the target project time.

Name of Lions Club/Clubs supporting this project: Lions Club of Singapore West

Submitted By: Brenda Lee

Venue: CSC Loyang, 21B Senoko Loop, 31 Sungai Kadut Ave, Woodlands and Kranji

Organizing Chairperson: Lions Club of Singapore West

Amount Raised: $21,000 

Amount of funds requested from LCSF: $2153.55 

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