Lion Serene C H Yong has been a member of Lions Club of Singapore Ladyhill since 1990. She is the founder of her company Overseas Academic Link Pte Ltd (“OAL”). To commemorate OAL’s 21st Anniversary in 2009/2010, it raised fund and donated a total of $203,335 to Lions Community Service Foundation Singapore and Lions Home for the Elders. Lion Serene Yong and OAL thus qualified to be emplaced on the Foundation‘s Roll of Honour.

In November 2011 and December 2012 Serene Yong and OAL made further donations of $100,500 and $100,000 respectively to the Foundation. Members of the Foundation are grateful to their continuing generosity. In 2011 besides the donation to Lions Foundation, they also donated a further $50,000 to the Lions Home for the Elders.

In recognition of her service to Lionism, Lion Serene Yong was conferred the following awards by Lions Club of Singapore Ladyhill:-

    • Lion of the Year – 1991/1992, 1996/1997
    • Treasurer Award – 1992/1993
    • Outstanding Performance Award -1993/1994
    • President’s Appreciation Award – 1995/1996
    • President’s Special Award – 1997/1998

Lion Serene Yong holds the position of 3rd Vice President of LCS Ladyhill for FY2011/2012.

In her professional capacity Ms Serene Yong has been appointed to an honorary position as Governor at University College at the University of Melbourne, in recognition of her contribution to responsible international student recruitment.

Overseas Academic Link Pte Ltd

Overseas Academic Link Pte Ltd (OAL) provides services in the specialist field of education counseling and international student recruitment. It was established in 1990. Ms Serene Yong, OAL’s founder and Principal, has over twenty five years’ experience as an education agent. OAL’s byline, “The Bridge Between Student And University”, epitomizes the dual role that it performs.

On the one hand, OAL exists to assist each client university or school to attract its desired target enrolment of suitably qualified international students. On the other hand, OAL exists to help students achieve their academic goals, by placing them successfully into suitable universities and schools.

OAL is known and respected both in Singapore and internationally. It has a reputation of quality service to both students and institutions. It is known for its efficiency and its willingness to ‘go the second mile’, as well as its personal service. Universities and schools that use OAL to recruit students in Singapore do so with confidence.

OAL represents universities and colleges in Australia, Britain, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland and the USA.

OAL’s services have been recognized by a number of institutions

    • OAL was the inaugural recipient of a University of Melbourne Overseas Representatives Award.
    • OAL has been selected on two occasions as Monash University’s Adviser of the Month.
    • OAL was the recipient of the Study Group Gold Agent Award 2003 and 2004.
    • OAL was awarded the Certificate of Achievement from Monash University for Outstanding Service to the International Education Industry in Feb 2011.

To commemorate OAL’s 21st Anniversary in 2009/2010 OAL raised fund to be donated to Lions causes in Singapore thus emplacing it on the Foundation’s Roll of Honour.